Our Process

– Property Development

Your Step by Step Guide
If you are looking to find the right architectural partner you’ll likely be looking to understand how they can support you throughout the project.

Site Finding & Due Diligence

Sourcing land opportunities is a continual networking process, knowing who to contact and what lies afoot in forthcoming years. Plot finding is not an official part of our service offering, however having worked locally for a number of years we have built up a network and reputation for helping both buyers and sellers find a match.

Development Appraisal & Due Diligence

At this stage it is important for house builders and developers to fully assess the risks to their investment and indeed it’s profitability. You are essentially trying to identify everything that would ensure this is a successful investment so that you can make the decision whether to invest or not.

  • Can you build what you want to and make the profit that you need?
  • Are you financial forecasts sound?
  • What delays could affect timescales & budgets?
  • Fully understand the characteristics & details of the site you are buying.
At Crawford Architecture we can support you with feasibility studies tailored to your needs. From a simple assessment to a more complex review, we assess and present findings clearly and in a time efficient manner.

The Deal

One of the key points where profitability can be harnessed is at the point of purchase – this is why it is so important to undertake a feasibility study. We are not typically involved in this area, however we can assist the developer with obtaining the information in which to make a sensible offer or bid.
It is also important to note that a lot of sales aren’t purely about financial gains; landowners often want reassurance that the right ‘type’ or properties will be constructed onsite, as perhaps they will be neighbours or it is that they want to be regarded favourably by locals. Working with the right Architectural team can give your offer gravitas above other interested parties.

Design, Planning & Consents

This is where we come into our own; balancing design flair with profitability. Ensuring that you can maximise the opportunity from your investment. We will support you by advising you on the right types of properties for the area, not only from a cosmetic point of view, but also on what is most likely to sell quickly.

What Do We Do?

  • Highlight design enhancements to obtain better lighting, use of space and privacy to optimise the layout of the house and development; enabling you to maximise the plots potential
  • Provide you with first class visuals including 3D and virtual reality to help you promote and sell your properties to prospective buyers
  • Oversee the entire Planning and Building Warrant Process, by handling the necessary administration and communications, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.
  • Support you at public consultation meetings, if required for a major appliation, so that you can respond constructively to comments both positive and negative.


We can act as Principal Designer working alongside your construction team advising on drawings and making amendments to building warrants as required to suit either end customer needs or additional onsite requirements.

Knowing that you have a reliable architectural partner on hand can provide you with reassurance and peace of mind.

Completion and Handover

For many this is a straightforward, design, build-sell (or rent) strategy, however for some it is about selling land with permission secured. At Crawford Architecture we support both exit strategies on a regular basis, and can support you through the process should you be a first time developer or a time served professional.

Uncomplicated. By Design.

This process can be daunting, but you can rest assured that our expert team will take care of everything for you. You're in good hands with Crawford.