Interior Design

Whether the building’s intended for working, dining, living, or something else, the design should be optimised to fulfil its purpose.

What We Do

Our service design approach puts the intended function and purpose at the heart of the curation process from building layout to unique decor features that will enhance the overall impact.

Making plans for a building or extension that isn’t yet built can be difficult to visualise, making decisions slower to make and easier to get wrong. At Crawford Architecture we have an expert team of interior designers who can bring your ideas to life helping you to make the right decisions.


Our Experience

Blackiemuir Avenue [+]

Greenside [+]
Marykirk [+]
Montrose Playhouse [+]
Smallworld Nursery [+]

Bring Ideas to Life with 3D Visualisation

Drawings, sketches and mockups are great, but these days we can do better than that.

Thankfully technology has come on leaps and bounds from the architects easel and we are able to offer an array of visualisation tools to ensure you are 100% confident in your decisions.

In addition, they are great communication tools if you need to share your vision with a variety of stakeholders – watch as they sit in awe of what the future holds.

Uncomplicated. By Design.

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