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Stand out from the marketplace and take the stress out of your development

How We Help Our Clients

Whether it's your first development project or your 25th, each construction project is a commercial investment, and so should make sense from a financial perspective. You need a property that will grab attention and wow prospective home buyers and stay within budget.

Crawford Architecture understand how important their role is in the bigger perspective of your business. With time such a precious commodity you need a team that not only ‘gets you’ but has your back when you need it most. We are the architectural experts that you can rely on to help you grow your business.

  • We will ensure your initial building concepts are technically feasible and profitable before you make commitments, helping you to save time and money
  • Highlight design enhancements to obtain better lighting, use of space and privacy to optimise the layout of the house and development; enabling you to maximise the plots potential
  • Provide you with first class visuals including 3D and virtual reality to help you promote and sell your properties to prospective buyers
  • Take the heavy lifting out of the planning and building standard process, by handling the necessary administration and communications, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.
  • Support you at public consultation meetings so that you can respond constructively to comments both positive & negative.
  • Provide you with expertise and guidance, helping you to feel more in control of the project and its return on investment.

A Typical Property Development Process

Step 1
Site Finding
Step 2
Development Appraisal
Step 3
Design, Planning & Obtain Approvals
Step 4
Step 5
Completion & Handover

Our Process

The process of bringing your ideas to a reality involves a few steps, but we are here to make it as straightforward as possible for you.

Our Experience

Glithno [+]
Brae Road [+]
Marykirk [+]
Eden Manor [+]
Cairnwell [+]
Strathmore Rise [+]
Kingswood [+]

Sunnyside [+]

Panmure Row [+]

Bring Ideas to Life with 3D Visualisation

While two dimensional drawings are a part of the process, with those alone it's tricky to envisage what a project will entirely look like at the very end.

Thankfully technology has come on leaps and bounds from the traditional drawing board, and we are able to offer an array of visualisation tools to ensure you are 100% confident in your decisions.

In addition to this, they are great communication tools for sharing your vision with friends, family or stakeholders – watch as they sit in awe of what the future holds.

View 3D Walkthrough Demo [+]

View 3D Render Gallery [+]

Our best client relationships are those that last many years, and are built on trust.

We care about your business ambitions, and it is our job to help you achieve them.

To receive a tailored quote for your development plans, we need to sit with you and discuss your vision, allowing us to explore how best we can work together to help you achieve it.