Internal Doors

What options are available for your internal doors?

Your internal doors might seem like a bit of an afterthought, but they are extremely important in helping you complete the overall look and flow of your home. 

Primarily, doors play a functional role – they divide up the space, and help minimise noise around the house. 

However, they also play a huge role in design. Most homeowners want their internal doors, especially on the ground floor, to bring the wow factor when it comes to design. However, there is a little more to it than just the aesthetics.

So, in this blog, we’ll explore the different options available for your internal doors. 

What doors can you install inside your home?

As simple as doors may seem, there are actually a few different options available for your interiors.

Some of these styles are a little more traditional, while others are more contemporary and suitable for open-plan, and modern living spaces.

Let’s explore these in more detail…

What style of traditional doors can you install in your home?

The most common style of internal door remains panel doors with a hinge opening. Even if people decide on a more contemporary style with open-plan living spaces downstairs, they usually still opt for traditional doors in the upstairs living space.

Panel doors are probably the most common style of interior design that we see. They look great in almost any home, as they come in a wide variety of styles. 

You can typically get doors with anywhere between two and twelve panels, and can either be horizontally or vertically stacked. They are also available in either:

  • Glazed
  • Non-Glazed

The glazed panel doors can be fully glazed, or alternated with non-glazed. 

Not only are glazed panel doors great for separating space, but they also allow natural light into the rooms.

When planning for your home interior you need to consider the space required for the opening. In this set up we need to allow for the door swing either into or out of the room.

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What style of contemporary doors can you install in your home?

There is a growing trend for open-plan living, which has meant that contemporary doors have gained popularity.

Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors can fold out to open up the door space, with the panels stacking against the wall.

They are great if you want to create an open-plan aesthetic, while still allowing to separate the space. 

Sliding Pocket Doors

Sliding pocket doors are another type of door that are great for creating open-plan living. 

Sliding pocket doors slide into a pocket that is fitted within the wall cavity. This means the door is completely hidden from view once open. 

Sliding pocket doors come in single, oversized or double doors depending on the size of the opening. 

Sliding pocket doors are a very stylish option, that again allow for open plan living while maintaining the privacy of each separate space. 

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Should you install fire doors in your home?

In Scotland you legally need a fire door if you live in a building over two storeys high, or if you rent it out as an HMO. These generally have to be to fitted into any apartment (lounge, kitchen, dining, bedrooms etc) to create a protected hallway to the front door – if the property is accessed off a communal hall and fitted with self closing devices and smoke seals. If you have an interlinked garage – you will also need one on the entrance door. There are however many regulations on fire doors and its always best to discuss these with your architectural team before making any adjustments.

A fire door, is a door that has a fire resistance rating – they are designed to passively slow the spread of fire should something happen. Recently there has been an increase in people choosing to install fire doors, especially in rooms that have a higher likelihood of fire. 

How much does an internal door cost?

The price of internal doors will vary greatly depending on the material quality and style of door that you decide to go for. 

However, you can expect to pay somewhere between £50-£500 per door depending on what type of door you decide to install, budgeting extra for handles and hinges. 

So, which internal door should you choose?

It’s great if you start to think about what doors you wish to install in your home at the start of the design stage. 

Not only do you need to think about the internal arrangement, but also what style of door you want, and what materials you wish to use. 

There are a number of different factors to consider when it comes to choosing your internal doors, and one of those is to think about what type of doors you wish to install. This can massively impact the final design and feel of your home. 

If you are ready to start talking about your new-build or extension, then get in touch with us and we would be happy to discuss with you.