Custom Built Homes

Breathtaking designs to make your dream a reality

Whether you’ve always had your land to build on, or it's a new plot purchase. It is likely that the excitement of building your own home is mounting; but so is the slight feeling of overwhelm...

Hearing about complications from someone else's experience of building a bespoke home can make you feel nervous. It is so important to find an architectural team that you can really trust; not only to come up with a brilliant concept, but also support you along the way so that it is as straightforward as possible.

What Does the Overall Self Build Process Look Like?

From finding a plot of land, planning and construction; building your dream home has a lot of steps to go through and can seem like a huge undertaking. We look after you and your project from start to finish.

Step 1
Find a plot of land
Step 2
Set a realistic budget
Step 3
Find an architectural team to work with
Step 4
Survey of plot is undertaken
Step 5
Conceptual designs created and external 3D visuals produced
Step 6
Plans are submitted to planning before being approved
Step 7
Building warrant & technical requirements submitted and approval received
Step 8
Pre-construction information pack & CCNP created. When approved this is given to the contractor with the stamped Building warrant
Step 9
A main contractor is short-listed and appointed
Step 10
Construction starts onsite
Step 11
Building standards site visits take place, at outlined times per CCNP
Step 12
Construction is completed
Step 13
Site visit & all completions certificates obtained.
Step 14
Enjoy your new home!

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Our Experience

Wellington Place [+]
Netherwood [+]
Rosehill [+]
Strathview Rise [+]
Greenside [+]
Muirside [+]
Wildesveld [+]
Westerton of Rossie [+]

Bring Ideas to Life with 3D Visualisation

It can be hard enough to imagine the end result when you redecorate a room, let alone build a whole new home.

Thankfully technology has come on leaps and bounds from the traditional drawing board. We are able to offer an array of visualisation tools to ensure you are 100% confident in your decisions.

In addition, they are great communication tools if you need to share your vision with a variety of stakeholders – watch as they sit in awe of what the future holds.

"We recently asked John to provide drawings for a new build on our plot of land and also a double garage extension for our son’s house. From the initial site meeting, he grasped exactly what we had in mind. The first draft plan was nearly the ideal home and needed very few adjustments to make it perfect.

The excellent advice and guidance from John throughout made the whole process of gaining planning permission straightforward and hassle free.

Both John and David were always friendly, approachable and a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend the first class, professional service of Crawford Architecture to any prospective clients."

– Rosie Carnegie

Case Studies

New House - Fourdon
New House – Rosehill

How Do Your Fees Work?

At Crawford Architecture we believe in charging you for what you need, rather than charging a flat fee throughout.

At our initial meeting, we get a good understanding of your project brief and will provide you with a proposal outlining everything involved.

The key factors that can affect our fees:

  • Type and size of building
  • Complexity of design
  • The materials of the build & site conditions
  • How clear you are on the overall vision of your property
  • Level of service required, 2D drawings, 3D visuals or Virtual
  • Technology that will enable you to walk through your dream building
  • Specialised consultants required ie; structural engineers, energy consultants and health & safety.

Uncomplicated. By Design.

Contact our team directly if you have any questions.