Our Process

– Custom Built Homes

The Architectural Journey to Your Dream Home

A project manager at heart, you want to feel organised about what lies ahead in your own self build adventure.

We take a closer look at the architectural process to help you feel clearer about what lies ahead in the coming months working with Crawford Architecture.


Stage 1: Visualising your dream

What Happens?

  • A clear understanding of the project is established
  • Survey of plot is undertaken
  • Conceptual designs are created in 2D for review & discussion
  • Client meeting to discuss initial layouts
  • 2D Layouts are updated for further review and discussion
  • An External 3D model is produced

What Do You Need to Do?

  • Provide a clear brief that helps us visualise your dream
  • Have a clear idea of available budget
  • Allow access to the plot so that a site survey can take place
  • Let us know your feedback so that we can update the layouts to fully suit your vision.


Approximately 3-4 weeks

Stage 2: Submission to planning + developed designs

What Happens?

  • Prepare drawings to this stage only for submission with Planning Application
  • Submit planning application to relevant Council.
  • Request fee quotes from all necessary specialists/consultees

What Do You Need to Do?

  • Confirm that the design is to your satisfaction and instruct us to submit the application for planning permission
  • Attend a meeting post planning approval to discuss any conditions and how they can be satisfied.


Please note the regulation time for planning approval is approximately 8 weeks after the submission registration date.

Stage 3: Building Warrant Applications / Technical Design

What Happens?

  • We provide a checklist for all information required to be included in building warrant drawings.
  • We prepare draft building warrant drawings on receipt of the above information.
  • Attend a further meeting with you to discuss any changes to building warrant details if required
  • Prepare final Building warrant drawings on instruction
  • Liaise with Structural Engineer
  • Liaise with Energy Consultant with regards provision of U-Value and SAP calculations which form part of thermal appraisal
  • Prepare & submit building warrant application to local authority building standards.
  • When we are in receipt of the building warrant approval we will forward a copy of all documentation together with a copy of the stamp approved drawings to our client

What Do You Need to Do?

This is where we look more intricately at the details of your new home. Working through electrical layouts and finishes. communication with your chosen contractor here is key.

We need you to work through a document that we will provide, so that we can complete the drawings before submission.


Please note regulation time for building warrant approval is approximately 8 weeks from submission.

Stage 4 : Construction Phase & CDM
(Construction Design and Management)

This stage happens after approval, but before work commencement.

Please note that as of October 1st 2015, projects must adhere to CDM 2015 regulations and require a Principal Designer and/or Principal Contractor to be appointed. This is in relation to health and safety regulations and is a legal requirement.

What Do You Need to Do?

Nothing at this stage – leave it all to us.

What Happens?

A pre-construction information pack needs to be produced in conjunction with a health & safety consultant.

We can provide the client with the following information to handover to the main contractor:

  • Stamp approved building warrant drawings and specification documents, including the structural engineers design package
  • Pre-construction information pack
  • CCNP (Construction Compliance Notification Plan)

We will also provide the client with documentation on the following for their own records:

  • Receipts from Local Authority for both the planning permission and building warrant lodging fees paid
  • A copy of the planning permission and building warrant consent

Stage 5: Post Contract/Construction Works

This stage also happens after approval, but before work commencement.

What Happens?

Local Authority required to be notified 7 days in advance of construction start date (Form J)

A CML Professional Consultants Certificate/Architects Certificate is obtained.

What Do You Need to Do?

It is a legal requirement to ensure that the appointed contractor is in possession of a stamp approved building warrant drawings and specification documents, including the structural engineers design package and pre-construction information pack with regards health & safety

  • Provide us with an anticipated start date so that Form J (notice regarding start of work) can be submitted to building standards.
  • Handover the CCNP to the main contractor before works commence.

This allows building standards visits to be carried out at the correct time, to avoid costly disruptions to the contractor at a later stage.

It is the responsibility of the main contractor to notify the building standards case officer at the relevant stages.

Stage 6: Completion & Handover

Once all works are complete.

What Happens?

We will carry out a site visit to ensure no variations from the approved building warrant drawings prior to the submission of a completion certificate (form 5).

Should there be variances, an amendment to warrant application will then be required to cover changes

What Do You Need to Do?

Provide us will all relevant paperwork including:

  • Electrical certificate
  • Boiler commissioning certificate
  • Smoke detection certificate etc.

We will confirm what documentation is required in advance.


Approximately 4 Weeks.

Uncomplicated. By Design.

This process can be daunting, but you can rest assured that we will take care of everything for you.

You are in good hands with the expert team at Crawford.