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What restrictions do I need to consider when choosing my windows for a listed property?

Your windows are central to the character of your home and replacing them using a different style or material may have a negative impact on the appearance of your building, especially in the eyes of the planning authority. Where possible, you should aim to repair or refurbish the windows in a listed or conservation area building – retaining the original features is always preferable. In this blog, we’ll look at the restrictions that you might face when replacing windows in a listed or conservation area building, and how you can navigate these limitations to get the most from your windows.

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What height should a window be from the floor? The considerations of diversifying from the UK average.

You’ve probably not thought much about the sill or head height of your window until you started planning for your home improvements. In the UK you will find the vast majority of homes will position their sill height at roughly the same placement (variable by room type) and the top of their window (head) will be aligned to the top of their doorways (2040mm from floor). However this doesn’t need to be the case. In this article we will highlight the key considerations of increasing the window size in your room.

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Which windows are most energy efficient? A simple guide to making the right choice.

Energy efficiency is really important when selecting which windows to use in your extension or new build project as they can make a huge impact on how much heat is retained in your property. The importance of reducing our carbon footprint is evident everywhere, and one of the most dramatic differences you can make is ensuring your property is properly insulated. In this article, we give you a guide so that you can understand how to choose the best energy efficient option for your home.

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Windows: What is the best window frame material?

Window frames come in a good selection of materials, each with their unique set of attributes that impact it’s performance. The energy efficiency and architectural design of our homes is greatly affected by windows, however the cost of windows varies depending on the frame material and window style. In this article we will look to discuss the advantages & disadvantages of the most common window frame materials so that you can weigh up your choices easily.