Planning permissions

What projects will need planning permission in the UK?

Navigating the world of planning permission and seemingly endless paperwork can be a long, complicated process. So, in order to avoid any mishaps, it’s important to be aware of when planning permission is compulsory (and when it is not). In this blog, we’ll explain what planning permission is, and when it is (or isn’t) required for your project. We’ll also talk about permitted development rights and how to go about applying for planning permission.

building costs

What costs can I expect to be associated with my building project?

Any project, whether it’s a small extension or full-scale build, is going to incur costs.  And for most people, it’s not quite as simple as buying the materials and building it yourself – you’re going to have to hire experts to help with the more technical aspects of building. Architectural teams, structural engineers, planning permission and building warrants, all these …

building plans

Planning permission vs a building warrant: what is the difference?

There is often misunderstanding around planning permission and building warrants, with many people believing that they are the same thing – in this blog, we’ll outline the main distinctions between building warrants and planning permission, so that you know which one you might need for your project and the consequences of not gaining permissions.

Montrose Playhouse Project: From swimming pool to cinema!

The work of Crawford Architecture varies widely on a day to day basis – from domestic extensions to custom built homes, house builders to large oil and gas projects, we’ve seen several unique projects over the years. But we have never seen a disused swimming pool transformed into a cinema! The Montrose Playhouse Project was the brainchild of our very …

Crawford Architecture appoints new director

We are delighted to announce that long-serving member of the Crawford Architecture team David Paton has been promoted to the post of associate director, as we continue to plan for the future growth and diversification of the business. David has been with the family firm for more than 15 years, and started his career studying at university alongside fellow director, …