10 Reasons To Choose Crawford Architecture For Your Next Building Project.

Whether you are an experienced developer planning for your next project or this is your first construction experience, choosing the correct architectural team for your project is paramount to its success.

Architectural design teams are involved in construction projects from the earliest stages right through to completion. Throughout this process they are using a blend of creative and technical skills to translate your ideas into reality. Their years of experience will ensure that all obstacles are considered, so that your journey through the planning permission process happens with ease.

With a plethora of architectural firms to choose from simply opting for the first that appears on Google search isn’t going to cut the mustard. Building projects are a huge investment, so why should you put your trust with Crawford Architecture?

In this article, we will set out 10 reasons why you should choose Crawford Architecture for your next building project.

Ten reasons why you should choose Crawford Architecture

#1 – Over Three Decades of Architectural Industry Experience

Industry experience can’t be bought! It is invaluable. John, founded John D Crawford Ltd over 30 years ago and it has evolved into Crawford Architecture, as it is known today.

The longevity of Crawford Architecture demonstrates our commitment to impeccable service delivery, not to mention the network of contacts we have cemented during our 30 years in architecture.

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#2 – Proud to be a Small Family Run Architectural Business

The past three decades have seen the business flourish from a one man band to a team of eight, including John’s son Kevin, who has now become a Director.

This shared vision has set a culture for cohesive long-term goals. In turn, this brings stability and increased trust to build authentic relationships with both our customers and suppliers.

Our size is an asset, as it allows us to have a really personal relationship but still provide a wealth of experience and specialisms to our clients. Whether the project is a large commercial venture or a small house extension, your dedicated architectural design team will be selected from our qualified team of eight, but have the support of everyone.

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#3 – We are invested in our Community

Our Part Two Architectural Technical/Senior Assistant, David Paton, founded The Montrose Playhouse Project .

Their aim is to renovate a former swimming pool into a community arts hub & cinema.

We feel that lending our skills to community projects gives emotional rewards rather than being centred around profits. This makes us truly feel part of something special, that benefits everyone in the community to help sustain a vibrant local economy.

We take our responsibility as designers of the architectural landscape very seriously, embracing change, but also ensuring that heritage, and local surroundings are ingrained into the designs.

#4 – We Build with People in Mind

In a rush to get started, so many people overlook the importance of a clear project brief in a rush to get planning approval.

We take the time at the beginning to get to know you as a client and understand the true reasonings behind the project so that we can deliver the best results, ensuring that you can stand proud and admire it for decades to come.

Aesthetics are important but so is the functionality of a building. For an architectural design to work in reality, the purpose and daily use of the property needs to be put at the heart of the design process.

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#5 – Accomplished with Commercial Developments

Commercial developers typically have a huge assortment of stakeholders to bring along the process. Our animation capabilities mean that it is really easy to demonstrate what the developments will look like in reality; helping our clients to secure funding, engage their employees and board members as well as gain the support of the surrounding community.

From feasibility studies and planning applications through to BIM modelling, animations and tender administration; our years of experience have enabled us to fine tune our service offerings. Read on here to view some of our commercial portfolio.

#6 – Experienced in Listed Buildings Renovations

If your building project involves a listed building, one of the key barriers to a successful project sits with the planning application. Many architectural firms will choose to give them a wide berth due to the amount of specialist knowledge and negotiation required to justify the required renovations.

The Sunnyside Development, based at Hillside, Montrose, is the most recent and large scale conversion that we have been awarded. The design converts the main hospital building into Luxury Apartments, Town Houses and community space; revitalising the building and re-establish the estate back to its former glory

#7 – Our Architectural offering includes Interior Design

Our service design approach puts the intended function and purpose at the heart of the curation process from building layout to unique decor features that will enhance the overall impact.

Having one cohesive team tackling the architectural elements and the interior design ensures that the vision remains consistent throughout the design process.

Feedback from our clients is that our interior design services help them plan ahead and make better decisions for the future. While construction is underway they can contact suppliers with requirements and excite potential customers about upcoming developments.

#8 – 3D Visuals are a core part of our service offering.

Two dimensional drawings are a part of the design process, however it can be difficult for people to visualise what the project will look like at the very end.

Thankfully technology has come on leaps and bounds from the traditional drawing board and we are able to offer an array of visualisation tools to ensure you are 100% confident in your decisions.
In addition, they are great communication tools if you need to share your vision with a variety of stakeholders

#9 – We Provide a Straightforward Breakdown of the Development Process

If you are looking to find the right architectural partner you’ll likely be looking to understand how they can support you throughout the project. At Crawford Architecture we work through each stage step by step so that nothing gets overlooked, and that you take the time to balance up each decision needed. For alterations and extensions it is a six-step process –

  • Preparation, brief and concept design
  • Planning preparations and developed design
  • Building warrant application and technical designs
  • Construction phase & CDM
  • Post contract and construction works
  • Completion and handover

Depending on the scale and type of project the stages will vary slightly, for more tailored information click on the links below

Custom-build Homes, Housebuilders & Property Developers , Commercial and Industrial Projects, Extensions and Alterations

#10 – We hold an Extensive Architectural Portfolio of Proven Results

We are aware that it is quality not quantity that’s important when it comes to a good portfolio. However, our extensive portfolio of clients and projects range from historical renovation projects right through to bespoke new-builds and large scale commercial buildings.

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